Torneo della Befana – Minibasket – Padova

Torneo della Befana | Minibasket | Padova | 3 - 6 gennaio 2024

Epiphany Tournament, Reyer repeat the success of two years ago. Virtus is second

Reyer Venezia dates back to the top step of the podium of the national minibasket Epiphany Tournament. After the interlude of Leoncino Mestre in 2014, the seventeenth edition of the event, dedicated to the category eaglets, sees once again the triumph of the kids of Reyer. In the final, played at Palaberta of Montegrotto Terme, […]

Virtus beaten in the final edition of the records of the Epiphany Tournament

Monday evening, in a PalaBerta in Montegrotto packed to the presence of local authorities and the two presidents of the regional and provincial Fip (Polon Bruno and Roberto Nardi), ended the 17th edition of the Epiphany Tournament. The famous festival of national minibasket, designed by Leopoldo Carraro and organized by Hurricane Basketball, reserved for Eaglets […]

Records of teams but nothing PalaFabris

Fuorty teams entered, the finals will be played in Abano  PADUA. It turns out every time a new record with the national Epiphany minibasket tournament. Even now that is about to begin the seventeenth edition with 40 teams from all over Italy, who will take assault nine plants game between Padua, will be touched yet […]

The Epiphany ended up under the basket

The Epiphany Tournament of Piombino saw more than 700 children on the field Leoncino Mestre is the king of the 16th edition of the International minibasket Epiphany tournament. During the final, the players of Mestre won against Mens Sana Siena (38-49) at the end of a balanced match, which entertained nearly a thousand of spectators […]

Epiphany Tournament, a success

MINIBASKET Nearly 800 children on the field, Cmb Leoncino wins Sunday morning, in the crowded and joyful Indoor Stadium of Piombino Dese, the 16th edition of the International Minibasket Epiphany Tournament has ended. The victory goes to the Venetians of Cmb Leoncino that in the final surpassed Mens Sana Siena 1871 49 to 38; third […]

The Epiphany Tournament 2014

The Leoncino Mestre won the 16th edition of the International Epiphany Tournament (Aquilotti Category), organized by the basketball team of Hurricane Basketball with the collaboration of the Fip of Padua. In the grand finale, played yesterday afternoon at the Indoor Stadium of Piombino Dese, the players of Mestre beat Mens Sana Siena (49 to 38). […]

Under the basket also the minibasket: 44 teams, 140 matches for the Befana

The Minibasket of the Epiphany is coming. The minibasket Tournament, organized by the basketball team of the Hurricane Basketball cooperating with the Fip of Padua, will be played in 8 playing fields of Padua and its province from Thursday the 2nd to Sunday the 5th of January. A new start for the minibasket international event, […]

44 teams, 800 children, 140 matches

MINIBASKET On Thursday starts the 16th edition of the Befana Tournament From the 2nd of January and for four days in different playing fields of the province ( the municipal gyms Alpi and Romero of Limena, the indoor stadium in Pozzetto street in Piombino Dese in which will be played the final match Sunday the […]

Minibasket Befana Tournament in Piombino Dese

The Epiphany Tournament is back and the final match will be in Piombino Dese. From north to south, from San Vendemiano to Matera, going on to Vignola, Siena and Rome, there are 44 teams altogether entered the minibasket tournament where there will also be the croatian side of the BC Krizevci. 800 children and 100 […]