Torneo della Befana – Minibasket – Padova

Torneo della Befana | Minibasket | Padova | 3 - 6 gennaio 2024

MINIBASKET On Thursday starts the 16th edition of the Befana Tournament

From the 2nd of January and for four days in different playing fields of the province ( the municipal gyms Alpi and Romero of Limena, the indoor stadium in Pozzetto street in Piombino Dese in which will be played the final match Sunday the 5th at 3.30 pm, gym and tension structure of Camposampiero, the gyms of Mortise, Torreselle, Caltana of Santa Maria di Sala), takes place the 16th edition of the international minibasket Epiphany Tournament reserved to the Aquilotti category (children of the years 2003-2004).
The edition of this year, organized by the Hurricane Basketball with a team of societies and the sponsorship of the Fip, shows 44 entered sides ( a total of 140 matches and 800 children), including the Croatians of the BC Krizevci. It is the first “orphan” of its author Leopoldo Carraro, that after thirty years in the paduan minibasket has left the organization in the hands of his collaborators. 
“How to begin at the best the new year? Naturally with one of the most renowned and important minibasket Tournaments of Italy – the greeting of Roberto Nardi, president of the provincial basketball federation – The excellent organization, grown through the years in the hands of Leopoldo Carraro, since this year it is totally entrusted to the enthusiast and committed management of Andrea Beghin and Emanuele Mura with their young and competent staff. It is thanks to this kind of sporting events that makes a paduan (and not only) comeback the most beautiful sport of the world, able to blossom new friendships feeding a team spirit, which goes beyond the playing field”.
These are the teams participating in the tournament. Blue round: Virtus Siena, Buster Verona, Bears Vicenza, Cmb Orfeo, Petrarca. Black round: Olimpia GB, Olimpia Camposampiero, Vignola, Cmb Leoncino, Bassano. Green round: Reyer Venezia Oro, Rucker, Mogliano, Ezzelina Vicenza, Gladiatori Treviso. Yellow round: Marostica, Giants Marghera, Dolphins Dolo 2004, Cmb NP Dese, Carmignano. Light blue round A: Redentore Este, Raptors Mortise, Riviera. Light blue round B: Collegno Torino, IC Carrè-Chiuppano-Zanè, Virtus Padova. Orange round A: Dolphins Dolo 2003, BUV Vigonza, Salzano ’03. Orange round B: Jolly Santa Maria di Sala, BC Krizevci, Favaro Veneto. Purple round A: Cmb Santa Maria di Sala, Castelfranco Veneto, Vigodarzere. Purple round B: Virtus Matera, Roncaglia, Reyer Venezia Granata. Red round A: Limena, Mens Sana Siena 1871, Inglesina Altavilla. Red round B: San Paolo Ostiense, Cittadella Cubs, Fulgor San Bellino.

Il Gazzettino – Edizione Padova – 29/12/2013

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