Torneo della Befana – Minibasket – Padova

Torneo della Befana | Minibasket | Padova | 3 - 6 gennaio 2024

The Epiphany Tournament of Piombino saw more than 700 children on the field

Leoncino Mestre is the king of the 16th edition of the International minibasket Epiphany tournament. During the final, the players of Mestre won against Mens Sana Siena (38-49) at the end of a balanced match, which entertained nearly a thousand of spectators at the Indoor Stadium of Piombino Dese.
A final which hid a playful backstage: the night before the match, a child from the Tuscan team, hosted at the secondary school of Limena, tried to bribe the referees, who slept in the nearby room, with 1,50€ (saying that he was willing to pay up to 2,50€) in exchange for the victory!! 
In the third place there are the Croatians of Bc Krizevci, who won the final against Reyer Venezia Oro (47-41). 
Lots of challenges for 714 players of 44 minibasket centres, but most of all a lot of friendship and hospitality. Besides the Croatian team, many teams came to Padua from outside the region this year, such as San Paolo Roma, Virtus Matera, Mens Sana Siena, Virtus Siena, Vignola Modena and Collegno Basket Torino. 
Four teams were hosted at the secondary school of Limena (67 between children and trainers), two other groups went to the hotel and our friends of Bc Krizevci were hosted by the families of the Jolly Basket of Santa Maria di Sala.
To be particularly mentioned, however, is the driver Domenico Toso, who after having carried around the province the team of Vignola, invited the children of Modena for lunch to his house. 
Before the semifinals, at the secondary school of Limena took place a bread and chocolate party, while Saturday night has been livened up at Limena’s ‘Falcone e Borsellino’ theatre, by the amazing videos of the Nba Myths, Jordan, Bryant, James, Durant and Wade. On the same day the Epiphany of the minibasket gave the children the socks full of sweets. At the peak of the event, the special prizes have been given to the players Andrea Tuberga, appointed Golden Fork, Giovanni Riforgiato, for the likableness, Davide Oriani for the fair play, Noa Svoboda, as the best athlete of the tournament and Eugenio Adjagodo (seven years old, of Nuova Pallacanestro Dese) as the youngest child of the tournament. (m.r.)

Il Mattino di Padova – 08/01/2014

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