Torneo della Befana – Minibasket – Padova

Torneo della Befana | Minibasket | Padova | 3 - 6 gennaio 2024

This is our 5th year at the Epiphany Tournament. We keep coming here and we always participate with two teams because we believe that it is a good opportunity for our kids. We meet children from all over Italy and this year also from another country. It is really important for the children to live many sports experiences and, among all the experiences they participate in, this is certainly one of the most significant. We also believe that it is really good for the children to spend some days together with their sport mates and other new friends. We think this helps them growing up. We are also happy for the very cozy and homely atmosphere of every year which is one of the reason why we keep coming back. We would like the Tournament to never change its spirit.
Thanks to all the organizing staff.

Reyer Venezia

We had an extremely positive feedback from the children, the coaches and even from the parents, who talked enthusiastically about this event. They liked the hospitality, the accommodation and the organization in its entirety. Beautiful was the atmosphere which accompanied the various moments of fun and socialization.
Thanks to everybody and see you at the next edition in which Virtus team will certainly participate.

Virtus Siena

Since the first articles on the Hurricane Basketball website about the Epiphany Tournament, everybody could feel the huge commitment of the organizers who also seemed to be very prepared.
The first challenging day Basket Dolo Dolphins team played 3 matches, one in the morning, one in the early afternoon and one in the late afternoon: I do not know whether this could have been better managed, without pauses between the matches. The location was the gym of Torreselle, a very nice and cozy building.
We had a small obstacle in the first match because of the referees who arrived some minutes later.
Overall still a positive opinion regarding the judges. Excellent was the on line management of the scores of the various matches which permitted to follow regularly and with passion all the rounds.
The choice of the Indoor Stadium of Piombino Dese for the final was really good because it gave everybody the possibility to see the match between the two strongest teams and to share with our own children the nice prize giving.
The experience from the stands was positive, in the sign of sportsmanship among both athletes and fans. In conclusion it was a good occasion to live a beautiful sport experience together as a group in a well organized Tournament despite its complexity. I’ll certainly recommend it to all the minibasket fans.
P.S.: We hope to see you again next year.

Basket Dolo Dolphins (VE)

Every year, since the third edition, we always manage to involve one of our teams in the tournament.
We were very impressed and pleased of the organization and disposability that was given to us and to over 40 teams participating, we can imagine the great difficulty! We always try to promote this kind of event, also because we see how the kids have fun and how they improve by confronting with other young athletes who come from all over Italy (and not only), and moreover how the concept of TEAM between them reinforces!
The work done is great and if you could also find some way to encourage parents to get their children to participate in this type of event, we are in business! Continuing to promote the tournament, we thank you and we compliment you again!

Buster Verona

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