Torneo della Befana – Minibasket – Padova

Torneo della Befana | Minibasket | Padova | 3 - 6 gennaio 2024

The long-awaited 2nd of January 2014 has arrived at last! With the greatest punctuality the Epiphany Tournament has sprinted at the starting point: at 7.45 am the team composed by the federal referees coming from the provinces of Padua, Treviso, Venice and Vicenza, together with 5 trainers, has shown itself at school for a short briefing as to go then to the 8 playing fields.
One by one also the teams coming from outside of region arrived: first Virtus Siena and Mens Sana Siena, then to follow Collegno Torino, Vignola Modena and San Paolo Roma, and to finish Virtus Matera and the Croatins of the BC Krizevci.
At the end of this first day there are already 52 matches played! Lots of these have been very exciting and hard-fought point to point till the end! To signal are the matches played by Virtus Siena and ending both on the finishing tape, first against CMB Orfeo and then against Buster Verona. In the purple round a splendid match also between AD Basket Roncaglia and Reyer Venezia Granata, finished 22 to 28 for the lagoon people! In the end, in the red round, CMB Cittadella Cubs and Fulgor San Bellino put on a show that ends 30 to 32 for San Bellino!
At 3 pm in the green round Rucker Basketball Club surpasses the Gladiators of Oderzo 30 to 32, while in the light blue round B Collegno Basket Torino wins against Virtus Padova winning the first place in its round.
In the purple round instead Virtus Matera fights till the end in both the matches played: first it gives up against Reyer Venezia Granata 24 to 27, then wins against AD Basket Roncaglia 29 to 32, in two breathtaking matches!
Tomorrow, January the 3rd the first period of rounds will end and in the afternoon the programme foresees the quarterfinals!
The folding beds of the school are at last filled with the rucksacks of the little champions, the hotel has welcome the two teams that will stay in wonderful bedrooms and the families of the Jolly Basket have shown great kindness hosting the Croatian children!
Today, the 714 children enrolled in this edition entertained all the matches with enthusiasm and passion… and with even more determination are getting ready to face the matches of tomorrow!

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