Torneo della Befana – Minibasket – Padova

Torneo della Befana | Minibasket | Padova | 3 - 6 gennaio 2024

It ended quickly, unfortunately, also the 15th edition of the Tournament of the Epiphany. Were 4 intensive days, lived entirely in the gym, and characterized by dizzying numbers that we report here below:
– 48 teams;
– 8 teams from outside the region;
– 1 foreign team;
– 762 children enrolled;
– 90 instructors;
– More than 40 federal referees;
– More than 40 children between refertisti (traduzione sconosciuta) and markers;
– 144 games played;
– 9 gyms used;
– More than 20 people to manage lunch, dinner, program, and site logistics;
– 35000 mails;
– 80 teams that have requested information from over 48 members already;
– 1300 visits daily average of our site.

What lies behind all these numbers?

At school: 7 teams in the classroom. More than 100 children who have shared an unique experience. 4 days to live together with their teammates allows you to create links that go beyond the simple sports field but help children to socialize, to make a group, join hands to overcome the first obstacles that may be encountered at that age and become independent.
Family: Experience lived by our Macedonian friends KK TOMAS, hosted by the hosts of Hurricane Basketball. They slept, ate, played and lived four intense days together with children of other nationalities, different culture, with different habits and especially in a different family. Received as children, they left with great regret, but knowing that you have enriched your luggage with an experience of great value in human terms.
In hotels: nearly 30 people, including athletes, coaches, staff, and parents, all united by a common company, Basketball Trieste, shared instead together the experience at the hotel. Gratified and pleased with the hospitality they gave proof that the mini-basketball is not the basket of children.
The minibasket is, and must be, a game, a game full of emotions, even as strong as when you get one step closer to the final goal, but the stick suddenly gets up, full of love for their children and full of generosity, like when you give up a shot to pass the ball to a teammate free.

The tournament is not only made by 144 games spread over 9 grounds but also from an evening at the theater where you can find all the children of the teams from outside the region / foreign and all the companies of the Tournament. In the theater located inside the Barchessa of Limena was staged a projection for all children who were able to cheer in front of the projector seeing dunks, assists and impossible shots of their heroes, by LeBron James to Blake Griffin, through Rajon Rondo and Derrick Rose, not to mention the tribute to Michael Jordan, a true symbol for more than 200 spectators.
Next, for all children, the inevitable sock full of sweets brought by Epiphany, which each year brings regularly visit the Tournament.

Perhaps the most significant scene of the Tournament from this point of view. We are talking about pregame Centro Minibasket Leoncino Azzurra – Ss Mens Sana 1871 Siena, the final 3rd-4th place. 
Just before the two-ball, children and parents of Siena, led by three instructors, sang the famous Verbena, song of the city of the Palio. The song was accompanied by the young Macedonian who stood up and placed his right hand to his chest to accompany in silence and as a sign of respect for the Tuscan city, the song to its conclusion.

The Befana Tournament of the has always prefix the aim to entertain all the children who attended the event, teaching them to respect the rules and giving more importance to the values that will make them men and will then deal with the increasingly difficult adult world.
We tried hard to do so, aware that the contribution made by teachers and parents will surely be the basis for creating a man who can bring everywhere the values that sport should have and that, unfortunately, many times it hasn’t.

We would like to welcome you with a poem that was sent to us by the children of Vicenza Blu Altavilla-Brendola.

This is also part of the wonderful world of MINIBASKET!!

Many thanks to all and SEE YOU IN 2014.
The staff of the Befana Tournament.

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