Torneo della Befana – Minibasket – Padova

Torneo della Befana | Minibasket | Padova | 3 - 6 gennaio 2024

Debut wet (due to rain) but lucky for the fifteenth edition of the international Befana tournament. The paint event branded Hurricane Basketball, which benefits from the media partnership of Streetball, has been registered a bang giving the show right from the start. The official launch of the event took place this morning in gyms Limena (Alps and Romero), Mortise, via dei Tadi, Taggì di Sotto, Cavino, Piombino Dese and Bassano del Grappa, where 762 miniplayer category Aquilotti are saw. In total, 48 boys’ teams have alternated on the floor (all-time record for the Befana of minibasket!), eight of which came from outside the region and even from the Balkan peninsula. 

WELCOME AND HOSPITALITY. The organizing staff has met with great enthusiasm the children come from near and far, together with their families, trying to satisfy the various needs that emerged in the course of work: six formations had lunch in middle school Limena, another in Mortise, another in a hotel, while the children of Kk Tomas were hosted by Hurricanes’ families sharing with paduan friends time of refreshment. A small, but significant episode, which summarizes the full spirit of friendship and experience of cultural exchange implicit at the same Befana championship.

PHOTOFINISH. In the field, however, was real game with meetings often exciting or remained in the balance until the last breath. Thrilling head-to-head Rucker San Vendemiano- Leoncino Bianca (34-35), Buster Verona-Virtus Siena (26-27) and Redentore Este-San Paolo Ostiense (49-45), decided only after the marathon of extra time. In short, races unsuitable for the faint of heart. Overall, the level of competition is very high again this year for one of the main event in absolute of our country.

SECOND ROUND. Closed the qualification phase, already tomorrow morning we leave at full speed with the second day and the second round. media partner Befana Tournament 2013

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