Torneo della Befana – Minibasket – Padova

Torneo della Befana | Minibasket | Padova | 3 - 6 gennaio 2024

Even if it changed skin, also this year the Epiphany Tournament managed to entertain as always 800 children coming from all over Italy and not only.
Behind that “not only” it is contained what allowed us to maintain the Epiphany Tournament an international event also this year. We actually had the opportunity to have a foreign team of Croatian children of the BC Krizevci society, which together with Virtus Matera, San Paolo Ostiense Roma, Virtus Siena, Mens Sana 1871 Siena, Sp Vignola and Collegno Basket made up the group of teams coming from outside region. For four of them the Epiphany Tournament represents a fixed point since years, but for Krizevci, Matera and Collegno it was the first time and we are sure we have done our best as to meet them again in the next editions.
140 matches in 4 days represent a matter of pride for us, most of all if a lot of them gave us strong emotions such as the successful match between Vignola and Vigodarzere which have fought 3 extra times before having a winner (Vignola) and a won (Vigodarzere). Other emotions have been given then by Krizevci and Mens Sana during a point by point semifinal till the last points. Further surprise of this year has been the grand finale between Leoncino Mestre and Mens Sana Siena which saw the players of Venice winning on Siena’s friends in the crowded Indoor Stadium of Piombino Dese. For Siena it was the fifth final in 16 edition of the Tournament, for Leoncino it was the fourth victory.

The Tournament is not only this.
Friday the 3rd of January has actually gone on stage an amazing Nutella Party for all the children from outside the region who were hosted in the schools of Limena. Bread and nutella for everybody before going to bed for the next day matches.
Saturday the 4th of January it was the theatre of Limena which was crowded with children. The teams from outside region took part at the showing of a film and it has then given them the epiphany sock full of candies and sweets.


4 days of minibasket cannot be quickly forgotten, and there will also be those who will have even more difficulties forgetting them such as the children of Vignola. After having moved between the many gyms in a minibus with our driver Domenico, who took them at heart, the last day of the Tournament Domenico and his wife Mara decided to open the doors of their house to these children and their parents hosting them for lunch in a festive atmosphere for everybody, before a very warm goodbye until next year.


The Epiphany Tournament tried to do its best to give all the children 4 smiley days to transmit to the adults. This happened when a child from Siena, the night before the grand finale, went to the referees room with 1,50€ asking if it was enough to help them win the final of the event against Leoncino the next day. Laughter took over at the school when this child said he was willing to pay up to 2,50€.

Looking at the 800 children during the Tournament we can say that it has been a great party. A party which managed to give lots of emotions to the children, parents, trainers, managers and the staff and to all those who one way or other took part to one single match of the 140 played matches.

We thank everybody who cooperated with us in this edition and we invite you to next year hoping to get even more children PLAYING because we think that a child who plays is a happy child.

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