Torneo della Befana – Minibasket – Padova

Torneo della Befana | Minibasket | Padova | 3 - 6 gennaio 2024

Still a large round in the fifteenth international Befana tournament, organized by Hurricane Basketball in collaboration with the FIP of Padua. The event, supported by basketblog Streetball, also this year reached the finish line of the semifinals. Throughout the morning and early afternoon, all the teams protagonists of the basketball exhibition battled on the floor. Several matches lit and fought on the edge of balance.

SHOW INSURED. To inaugurate the challenges point to point were the Aquilotti Hurricane Rosso and Scuola Minibasket Vicenza (25-29), followed closely by Martellago-Reyer Venezia Granata (38-39), San Paolo Ostiense-Raptors Mestrino (25-27) and Vignola-Citadella (21-19), in which the Modenese were able to reassemble and exceed their peers scoring the basket at the last decisive action. Worthy of note is the comparison that is placed in front Castiglione Murri and Vicenza Blu Altavilla Brendola, as well as Jolly-Libertas Scorzè (57-59 at the extratime). The show certainly has not absconded in all gyms scattered throughout the province of Padua and Bassano.

VIDEO AND SOCK. In the evening the Befana of minibasket was granted a little ‘well-deserved rest. In the meantime, however, the organizing team led by Leopoldo Carraro has continued to work conjecturing some surprises for the visiting teams of the tournament. Tonight (at 21), according to tradition, at the theater located inside the Barchessa of Limena, the seven formations housed in the primary schools of the city, the Basketball Trieste and the macedonian Kk Tomas, along with the company organizing the event will assist a projection with the ten best dunks basketball showtime, and more. And on this occasion they receive the gift of the inevitable sock full of sweets and gifts, brought by Befana, which each year regularly visits the famous paduan tournament.

THE FINAL. Tomorrow, however, will be the turn of the final for the Befana championship. From 9 am onwards, on the floor of Cavino, Limena (Romero and Alpi), Taggì diSotto, via dei Tadi, Piombino Dese and Mortise the finals from 48 th to 5 th place are held. The appointment for the small final and the final will instead be at 13.30 and 15.30 at Pala Berta in via Lachina in Abano Terme, where will cross Leoncino Blu-Mens Sana Siena 1871 for third place on the podium and Cmb Pallacanestro Trieste-Reyer Venezia Oro for the gold title. media partner Befana Tournament 2013

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