Torneo della Befana – Minibasket – Padova

Torneo della Befana | Minibasket | Padova | 3 - 6 gennaio 2024

Dense second day of racing at the international Befana tournament, promoted by Hurricane Basketball and sponsored by the FIP of Padua and the support of the media Streetball. It’s taken the next step, but the formula of the Italian competition has given ample space today to all children of the 48-team event. The timing of the second round was rolled out in the early morning: already at 9 am, in fact, the third-placed teams of the eight groups were challenged to gyms Limena, Mortise, via dei Tadi, Taggì di Sotto, Cavino, Piombino Dese and Bassano del Grappa.

MORNING OF DERBY. To note the derby between the teams hosts branded Hurricane, which has declared the victory of the Red group on the White (52-20), and the battle fought between Sarcedo and Scuola Minibasket Vicenza, where the seconds are able to dull only with the minimum difference at the overtime (33-34). In the games of 10.30, the seconds of groupings yellow Reyer Venezia Granata and Libertas Scorzè hired another balanced derby (35-31). In meetings between the capoliste the various groups, played at midday, Virtus Padua has succumbed to the mixed Aquilotti dell’Arcella / Riviera Verde (24-40). Also the Macedonians of Kk Tomas fall in the presence of Leoncino Riviera (38-42), while the Virtus Siena is stopped by the Redentore Este (31-37).

NO STOP. In the afternoon, from 14.30 to Mortise, they took away the quarter-finals for the purposes of determining placement in the final classification of the tournament. The program continued without stopping reserving another 24 duels, more or less open. The last play, at 18, was the battleship Mens Sana Siena, which has clearly passed the Este (57-24), along with cousins of Virtus Siena winning the “dolphins” Dolo (27-48), the Piani Bolzano able to bend the Virtus Padua (43-31) and finished in Marghera Giants against the Azzurra del Leoncino (47-56); Trieste imposed itself on Marostica (44-33), and Conegliano authoritarian towards Vicenza Blu Altavilla Brendola. media partner Befana Tournament 2013

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