Torneo della Befana – Minibasket – Padova

Torneo della Befana | Minibasket | Padova | 3 - 6 gennaio 2024

Dear friends of Minibasket,

the Befana Tournament was founded in 1999 with the desire to let know to all the boys and girls who take part the essential meaning of the Minibasket must bring, through the very important function of the instructors that do not need to create mini-champions maybe already tired in adolescence but a new generation of basketball players that in the near future will be able to accept their technical limits and that will always make every effort to improve.

The Minibasket is a game-sport and it is worth remembering; these children that now rejoice for a win, get excited for a field goal, cry for match maybe lost for a point in front of them have a long history of other 8 years between Minibasket and youthful basketball, in which I hope that their passion is not fade. Play with passion inside will help them overcome moments of crisis, it is up to us adults to understand them, advise them, not to frustrate their dreams.

The Italian basketball needs new vitality, we are starting from these 750 boys and girls and do not disperse their enthusiasm; we give them the chance to grow with the proper time. Passion for basketball was not born in a day and is cultivated with patience.

This year is my last year as head of the organization of the Tournament but I leave in very good hands the future of the event sure that Andrea Beghin with his future collaborators will be able to carry on the Befana of Minibasket giving each year news and a future full of healthy youthful enthusiasm.

In these 15 editions of the Tournament I knew and appreciated the wonderful people in our small world of Minibasket from which I learned a lot and received a lot.

I thank all the people that in these 15 years have endured meand above all helped to make the Befana of Minibasket known and respected all over our country and abroad.

Good Tournament to all

Leopoldo Carraro
Organizing Committee of the Tournament

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