Torneo della Befana – Minibasket – Padova

Torneo della Befana | Minibasket | Padova | 3 - 6 gennaio 2024

Game rules male category – Befana Tournament 2015



On the 17th Edition of the Befana Tournament male category can participate the teams composed by the kids born in the years 2004-2005.


The match

The match consist of 4 periods of 8 minutes each. During the match the count of the time will be made without any stop of the chronometer, except on the occasion of:

personal foul;

free throws and jump balls;

every time the referee signals something (incident, ball far-away from the field, etc.).

The suspension minute (one for each period per team) can be required every moment of the match and has to be given when the game is stopped (also on the occasion of an undergone basket).

During the extra times the suspension minutes cannot be required.

In case of parity at the end of the four regular times, there will be extra times (of 3 minutes each), till the match will be won by one of the teams.



The matches will be directed by referees who have to give particularly importance to the general conduct rules and so the coaches and the players have to keep a fair and proper behaviour on the field. We recommend you to prohibit unsportsmanlike demonstrations on the field and on the benches from the players, the coaches and the companions. The coaches who will keep a dirty and unsportsmanlike behaviour on the bench, who will insult the referees, the players of his own team and the ones of the other teams, the coaches of the rival team and the public, or will ask his players to commit fouls to exit the field as to be replaced, or will ask his team to apply an irregular defence, etc, will be punished with technical fouls ( two free throws without dribbling and possession of the ball from half field for the team who threw the free throws). Afterwards another technical foul (two free throws and then as described above) and definitive sending off. The expelled coach must exit the game field and go away from it (cannot stay between the public).

NB When a foul is committed during the last 3 minutes of the 4th period and during the possible extra times, two free throws have always to be given.

We clarify what follows:

in case of a charging foul before a realized basket, the basket does not count and no throw will be given to the other team;

in case of a realized throw and a undergone foul on the shot before or during the throw, the basket is valid and no free throw will be given;

In case of unsportsmanlike or disqualifying foul, two free throws and the possession of the ball from half field will be given to the player who underwent the foul.

Free throws are always only two (on the occasion of a throw or a basket and on the occasion of every foul during the last 3 minutes of the 4th period or during the extra times).



The Minibasket match (2,60 mt basket height and minibasket ball) is played by two teams composed of minimum 10 and maximum 12 players, and only 5 per team will take part in the game for each period. In case a team does not arrive on time or in case a team arrives with less than 10 players, it will lose the match 0-30. As not to further penalize the kids on the field, the match can take place pro forma and the result will not influence the classification of the Tournament. Every child must play at least a whole period and two whole periods maximum per match.

The players substitutions have to be made only at the beginning of each period. During the game it is possible to substitute a player just in case of:

The player reaches the limit of fouls (5); 

Disqualifying foul (expulsion);

Accident verified by the referee.

The player who exit the field can be substituted by a player who results to have realized the lesser number of points; in case of parity of points between two players on the bench the coach will choose. 

In case of a team composed by 11 or 12 players entered, the player who exit the field can be substituted just by one of the players who has to play only one period and who has realized the lesser number of points. If no one of these has already been on the field or there is a parity of realizations, the choice will be made by the coach. In case the substituted injured player recovers and can re-enter the field, he/she can enter only substituting the player who substituted him/her previously ( the change can take place only when the game is stopped). The player who intentionally commits 5 fouls in a period or in case he/she is made to commit fouls by the coach so as to be substituted, cannot be substituted till the end of the period and his/her team will play in numerical inferiority (the defence of the area is not admitted).

During the first extra time the two quintets are free; during the second possible extra time can play 5 players who haven’t played in the first extra time. During the third possible extra time the two quintets are again free and so on till the match is won by a team. During the extra times the suspension minutes cannot be required.


Clarifications and forms

It is important to enter for each match 12 players maximum. On the bench, besides the players and the coach, it is admitted the presence of a second coach without any other exception. The players who take part in the Tournament have to be in order with the provisions fixed by the Federations they belong to.

Each team which participate in the Tournament must have its players insured and must have the certificate of the fitness to practice sports (of each player) for the current year.

To direct the team during the matches of the Tournament, the coach must have the Coach MB card given by the Minibasket-*Fip Sector and he/she must be in order with the provisions expected by the MB Sector for the current sporting year.

It is recommended not to enter the kids who are not in order with the provisions in force (sporting fairness and loyalty).

The following Identity papers of the players, the coaches and the attendants will be accepted:

Fip authenticated self-certification, with a photo, signed by the parents and the *Cmb President; 

Identity card given by the place of residence;

Driving licence;

Individual or group passport.

Furthermore, before the beginning of each match, the Attendant has to present to the Organizers (to prepare on time the reports of the match) the names list of the players (max. 12) taking part in the match, specifying surname, name, year of birth and number of the t-shirt of all players, besides the names of the coaches and the number of the card.



It is forbidden the use of blockings.

It is forbidden to pass the ball above the basket during the throw from the end line.

It is compulsory the individual defence ( it is not possible to defend areas).

Penalties on the areas defence:

1° booking;

2° technical foul to the coach;

3° technical foul to the coach and coach expulsion;

4° pro forma continuation.

In case the situation of irregular defence does not change, despite the measures taken, the referee can consider the match concluded without any further official communication and the match will continue pro forma till the end of it, just by signaling on the referee report the decision taken. The qualified validating Organ will decree the defeat of the team (0-30) which broke the rule concerning the defence. If during the Tournament a team will be sanctioned more than two times for the same cause, it will be automatically left out of the Event.


Rules not strictly applied

3” (to apply each time a player voluntarily stops on the 3” area to receive the ball and on the occasion of a throw from the end line when a team is attacking);                                                                                          

5” (to apply with tolerance and not strictly).


Rules not applied

8” and half field infringement.

30” (however if a team freely keeps the possession of the ball, without voluntarily coming to an end, the referee will assign to that team max. 10” to conclude the action (the referee will not stop the game, he has to raise his arm and beat the time left over). In case the team does not conclude within 10”, the referee has to decree a technical foul to the team which is at fault and the possession of the ball to the rival team).

Steps infringement on the throw-in (it is not possible anyway to run holding the ball and move away from the point indicated by the referee). The referee is not obliged to touch the ball on the occasion of a throw-in.

Additional throw on a realized basket and undergone foul.

Fouls bonus.

The three-pointer is not applied.



The Befana Tournament promotes sport, giving importance to the educational values, the Tournament contributes to the basketball growth of the children, it puts together teams from every part of Italy and moreover, it guarantees fun on and off the fields thanks to correlated activities which every year go along with  the event.

Every year the event grows and improves thanks to the help and the passion of lots of young people.

The protagonists of our Tournament are the children who every year push us to make the Tournament even more organized and cosy.

As for what is not expected in this Regulations, it has to be made reference to the FIP Regulations.

The Club and the Minibasket Clubs participating in the Tournament declare to accept the rules above-mentioned.


*FIP: Italian Basketball Federation                         *CMB: Minibasket Club

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