Torneo della Befana – Minibasket – Padova

Torneo della Befana | Minibasket | Padova | 3 - 6 gennaio 2024

A free participation minibasket Tournament that every year, from seventeen years, is sold out. Just this as a guarantee of quality?
The Epiphany Tournament, arranged by a young, dynamic and prepared staff, is one of the many wonderful events that demonstrate the importance and at the same time qualify our game-sports. You play, you run, you sweat together, but also socialize, you leave the house, perhaps for the first time for several days with the team and you learn to grow and stay with others.
I can not emphasize that in a time of crisis in which the emblazoned company disappeared for many different reasons, from minibasket is a strong and clear reaction: in 2014 we recorded over 5000 members in our minibasket, both boys and girls. An unambiguous indication that gives us further reasons for our daily commitment to sports leaders and that makes us optimistic about the future of our basketball.

The President of the Italian Basketball Federation
Giovanni Petrucci

Begin the new year playing minibasket, how wonderful! From 17 years the Epiphany Tournament takes thousands of miniplayers to return to school after the winter holidays, and could not be return to the classroom more beautiful after four full days spent playing, having fun and socializing between a basket and another.
The numbers say that ours is a growing movement and this is emphasized by the attention that the European federations are having against our idea of minibasket. The credit for this success must be found in the commitment of our federal staff who throughout the year are in contact with girls and boys who are taking their first steps in our sport, and the Minibasket Centers, the beating heart of our business. But also of society, such as Hurricane Basketball, that every year organize prestigious events that make play and amuse.
Nine playing fields, four days of uninterrupted games, teams from around the country; what other do you want from a mini-Tournament?! Many thanks to the organization of the Epiphany Tournament, and a wish for a beautiful seventeenth edition waiting for the “majority” of next year. For the young players in the field, a great good luck, hoping that this will be just the first chapter in a year full of fun with the basketball in his hands.

The President of theYouth Sector, Minibasket and of the Italian Basketball Federation School
Eugenio Crotti

These short notes to greet the 17th edition of the Tournament of the Epiphany, that this young group organization has in the pipeline, with determination and innovative spirit.
Immense desire to grow and improve with news and surprises that will please all young playersi, in the true spirit of minibasket. A Tournament that involves more than 500, including children and technicians, many fields, regardless of the number of family members involved. Surely, a great celebration for the nationally minibasket, where I guess a total involvement basketball environment, where these children will make us feel part of their labors and their joys, which hopefully many joys that accompany them in this Tournament, but especially for the rest of their lives.
A Tournament that has never stopped growing and that welcomed teams from all over Italy and beyond, for a huge number of children who definitely have kept this experience in their hearts.
I thank the organizers, “kids young and full of desire and passion,” because mean that these young players, after experiences like this, can devote his time to the sport, especially basketball. On January 5, 2015 with his final act the event promises to be an unforgettable party for the emotions that will give all participants.

Good Tournament to all and Happy New Year!

President of the Veneto Regional Committee of the Italian Basketball Federation
Bruno Polon

The age of majority is coming for one of the most envied mini-Tournaments in Italy. The presence of the Epiphany Tournament on the Paduan territory should not be considered obvious, because it is only through the efforts and dedication of young organizers, companies and government who argue that it is been able to reach this seventeenth edition.
The labor organization of dozens of volunteers is richly rewarded when you get up in the sky that “magic” ball and around it are compared, meet and grow our mini basketball players.
Four days of fun and games are therefore an incentive not only for basketball growth but especially personal of these young players, because through our wonderful sport know make the basket in life.
Paduan basketball is honored to host an internationally event so renowned and want to get to all the protagonists of this four days, whether they are players, trainers, referees, organizers, a big good luck.

Good minibasket at all, the new year could not have better start!

President of the Padua Provincial Committee FIP
Roberto Nardi

My special greeting goes to the Hurricane Basketball staff, which is preparing to organize the 17th edition of the Epiphany Tournament, giving the opportunity for children from all over Italy, to meet, play and fraternize within the fields of play, maintaining and renewing the educational values that have always your company promotes.
Your technical skills and organizational will rank you at the top of youth promoting of this Committee.
A big good luck to the success of the event.

CONI Delegate
Flaviano Buratto

Epiphany there!
It is now certain.
Again this year we will see the long awaited bloom. Many of us look forward to the event that is repeated for a few days and cyclically for seventeen years. We delight us for the thousands of colors, for the endless emotions, for the effort and joy, for the many smiles and the rare tears. Dear children, what I’m talking about? I’m talking about a big party that takes place every year under the patronage of the Epiphany!
The Epiphany that relies heavily on large organizational machine expertly guided by Andrea Beghin and Emanuele Mura real conductors skillful in to play the best tunes to the many collaborators, many of whom come from Paduan companies including New Basketball Dese of which I am President. A team that moves with great skill almost unnoticed, remaining concealed because the real stars and actors are rightly children.
The Epiphany giving patronage to the event wondering which counterpart that there is at the base and as the basis of the same, the game, the fun, staying between peers in a symbolic embrace.
Only at the end brings out a healthy and “calibrated” competitive spirit when, almost inevitably, is proclaimed a winning team.
If all this comes true again this year, the Epiphany will be generous handing a small gift to take home along with a huge memory to keep in the heart for a lifetime.

Nuova Pallacanestro Dese President
Andrea Franceschi

It is with great pleasure and pride that the association Jolly Basketball hosts for the 2nd year in a row as the headquarters of the Epiphany Tournament, an event, or rather “THE” event for the Italian minibasket. This event allows children to experience the training from the social point of view, to compete with their peers within the rules and ethics of sport and to increase their emotional profile fitting into a national context.
We are therefore very pleased to be able to contribute to the successful outcome of the Tournament, supporting the main organization with our work and we wish all the participants to be able to better enjoy the sport experience.

Jolly Basket President
Gianluca Danesin

A new appointment with the Epiphany Tournament, which annually increases its reputation, and becomes more of a fixed reference for the basketball club. I would like to thank both Andrea Beghin and Emanuele Mura because activating the organizers many months before, we have involved to host a round of the Tournament matches scheduled. Also do their best to find also a social purpose, that this year is aimed at Dynamo Camp.
For us house a part of the teams, it means new relationships and experience, new emotions to share with our players and their parents, that remain imprinted in the memories and very often result in relationships in the years ahead.
What it means for those who work behind the scenes? Means the boys to play basketball during the brake due to holidays and also knowledge and promote the area for players who come from outside the region.
Apart from the cold numbers, showing always the size of an event, what most enjoy, is that Don Bosco fields will be animated, even for 13 consecutive hours a day, from kids who constantly take turns running with the ball in hand to throw it toward the circle placed at 2.60 meters high, for the sake of seeing her go through the basket.
We wait in the gym to share our and your emotions.

Olimpia Camposampiero President
Flavio Camporese

It is with great pleasure that this year I greet all the participants in the 17th edition of the Epiphany Tournament. From the miniplayers accompanied by their instructors who will tread the fields of play, then passed to all the Paduan companies that with their hospitality in gyms available to give them the opportunity to have fun playing and refereeing. Greetings to all the families who accompany their children and with their incitement attend the event.
The memory of these days will remain indelible in time as a moment of sporting experience and especially important sharing for the growth of each.

Pro Pace CRM Mortise President
Lamberto Morello

The Epiphany Tournament is now in its seventeenth edition and this year stands as appointment that can not miss in the planning of the activities of our society.
Indeed, it is an opportunity to learn the sport in its truest nature: as a tool of education for a healthy lifestyle and social inclusion and relationship among the young.
Only by educating young people to the principles of solidarity, healthy sporting competition, to respect the rules we can hope for a better future.
Every year this Tournament gives emotions, new friends, joy of moments spent together, memories and regrets, projects and many ideas for the future.
To young athletes, I express my best wishes for a healthy competition, full of fun, enthusiasm and desire to grow together.

Pallacanestro Vigodarzere President
Paolo Pinton

Sports activities group means being together, learn, grow, communicate, accept positive and negative aspects of all the members of the group. As in daily life important thing is to live every moment with the greatest interest by setting aside resentments and unhealthy attitudes but developing more and more the joy of growth in loyalty and in the community and never throw in the towel at the first difficulty! NEVER GIVE UP!

A deep and sincere wishes for a Merry Christmas and New Year to all of you players, parents, instructors, managers.

Pallacanestro Limena President

Armando Luciano Laccetti

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