Torneo della Befana – Minibasket – Padova

Torneo della Befana | Minibasket | Padova | 3 - 6 gennaio 2024

Every year the wait is ever-increasing for the Befana Tournament. But what is behind this great event?

You might think that 2014 is the year zero of the Tournament. After a lot of years as manager and 15 years as organizer, Leopoldo Carraro left the honor and the burden of the organization of this event in his direct collaborators hands.

A therefore considerable handover, which puts in our hands great responsibilities towards all the families and all the institutions involved in this 16th edition.

Remembering what Leopoldo taught us through his actions, we are therefore ready to begin from a solid base on which to build little by little a qualitatively ever-better Tournament.

So, behind this huge size of job there is a really young and passionate staff of collaborators who show up every year for this appointment, fascinated by the MINIBASKET.
The behind the scenes job of our organization, very accurate down to the last detail, allows by a long time the excellent result of the event as well as the constant involvement of new generation disposed to give their contribution to the event.
The MINIBASKET passion of these guys is constantly underlined by the fact that the staff works 9 months per year to improve and to improve the Tournament itself. Improvement and innovation become therefore two pillars that support this huge structure, which has by now reached dizzy numbers and has become the Italian biggest Minibasket Tournament in the last edition (January 2013) regarding the number of participant teams and the kids involved, just like our friends of Matera.

Everything permits to guarantee the kids an unique life and sport experience, giving them the possibility to share the minibasket with people of the same age who come from other regions, or even from other countries, hardly possible during the local championships.

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