Torneo della Befana – Minibasket – Padova

Torneo della Befana | Minibasket | Padova | 3 - 6 gennaio 2024

During the 1998 summer, in front of a blue see, Leopoldo Carraro decided that it was time to get our Nation to know the National and International minibasket. The best period to do it were the Christmas holidays and, as not to invade the Christmas presents and the New Year’s Eve fireworks, the most appropriate period was especially between New Year’s Day and the Epiphany Day.

No sooner said than done, in 1999 the first edition involved 12 teams already: Pall. Limena, Basketlandia Padova, Canossa Conselve, Cmb Campo San Martino, Basketmania Vicenza, Juve Pontedera, Don Bosco Livorno, Mens Sana Siena, Vigna Pia Roma, Minibasket Roseto degli Abruzzi, San Raffaele Roma and the only foreigner, Dusan Hauptman Basketschool Lubiana.

In this edition participated also Daniele Bonessio and Gianni Cantagalli, who reached the A2 division at the end of their youth activity. They gave life to a wonderful finale won by the first one after an extra time. Pall. Limena team got the 4th place behind the Minibasket Roseto degli Abruzzi team.

Some teams are vital part of the Tournament, as they have always taken part in the event since the first editions, as an example Siena and Roma teams.

Since that first edition the Tournament has grown and it is now one of the most important event of the National minibasket. Edition by edition the numbers have grown together with the quality of the organization.

Since 2009 the Befana Tournament had a great turning point and began to reach first nearly 40 teams participating and then it reached and passed this level and arrived to get 48 participating teams and 800 children enrolled in the 2013 edition.

Moreover, since 2011 the Tournament has become International again, like the first edition, thanks to the participation of Polish and Macedonian teams.

What has never changed since 1999 is the Tournament spirit: at the Befana Tournament you will always find the true spirit of minibasket, a joyful atmosphere on a child scale!

In the last 5 editions (2010-2014) we welcomed:

Ap Castelfranco Veneto (TV)
Arcella-Riviera (PD)
Asd Basket Calcinaia (PI)
Asd Bears Basket (VI)
Asd Pallacanestro Redentore Este (PD)
Ass. Dil. Pallacanestro Rovigo (RO)
Astico Basket (VI)
B.c. Krizevci (HR)
Basket Cerretese (GR)
Basket Dolo Dolphins (VE)
Basket Insieme Graticolato (VE)
Basket Mogliano (TV)
Basket Oderzo (TV)
Basket Petrarca (PD)
Basket Riviera (VE)
Basket Roncaglia (PD)
Basket Salzano’03 (VE)
Basket Sarcedo (VI)
Basket Union Vigonza (PD)
Buster Verona (VR)
C.m.b. Mortise 2000 (PD)
C.m.b. Santa Maria Di Sala (VE)
Castagnara Basket (PD)
Castiglione Murri (BO)
Centro Minibasket Ist. Comp. Carrè-Chiuppano-Zanè (VI)
Centro Minibasket Leoncino (VE)
Centro Minibasket Orfeo (PD)
Centro Minibasket Pikaciù Cittadella (PD)
Cmb Cittadella Cubs (PD)
Cmb Nuova Pallacanestro Dese (PD)
Cmb Pallacanestro Trieste (TS)
Cmb Pol. Carmignano (PD)
Collegno Basket (TO)
Fulgor San Bellino (PD)
Giants Basket Marghera (VE)
Gladiatori (TV)
Gs Basket Sovico (MI)
Inglesina Pallacanestro Altavilla (VI)
Jolly Basket (VE)
Juve Zetagas Pontedera (PI)
Kk Tomas (MK)
Ks Jas-fbg (PL)
Mb Limena (PD)
Mb Progetto Giovani Cantù – Pall. Cantù (CO)
Mens Sana 1871 Siena (SI)
Minibasket Bassano (VI)
Minibasket Ezzelina (VI)
Minibasket Raptors Mestrino (PD)
Minibasket Thermal (PD)
New Basket Lecce (LE)
Olimpia Camposampiero (PD)
Olimpia Gb (TV)
Pallacanestro Endas Pistoia (PT)
Pallacanestro Favaro (VE)
Pallacanestro Marostica (VI)
Pallacanestro Spinea (VE)
Pallacanestro Vigodarzere (PD)
Play & Ground (PD)
Polisportiva Canossa (PD)
Polisportiva I Frogs (PD)
Prorecco Basket (GE)
Reyer Umana Venezia (VE)
Rucker Basketball Club (TV)
San Martino (PD)
San Paolo Ostiense (RM)
Scuola Minibasket Vicenza (VI)
Team 78 Basket Martellago (VE)
U.s. Piani Bolzano (BZ)
U.s.m.a. (PD)
Unione Sportiva Arcella (PD)
Vigna Pia (RM)
Vignola (MO)
Vigor Hesperia Conegliano (TV)
Viltosa Basket Petrarca Rosa (PD)
Virtus Matera (MT)
Virtus Padova (PD)
Virtus Siena (SI)
Virtus Spes Vis Imola (BO)

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